Review of Evening


I mean it was alright? The soundtrack was incredible and there were some really pretty shots of the boat on the water, but they did seem a little Life of Pi, which wouldn’t have been a problem in 2007 but it is a very serious problem now. Mostly though it was just very contrived and a bit boring. Vanessa Redgrave did a good job but I mean she was tossing and turning in her sleep uttering key words from the dreams she was having, which is only effective if you’re intentionally doing a bad job of pretending to sleep. And most of the characters were women which was cool but basically all they did the whole movie was talk about men. Also, there was some seeeerious Hollywood shenanigans afoot with the women’s ages. 70 year olds are not that old. A 70 year old man can run for president but a 70 year old woman has a head full of grey hair and is lying on her death bed? No no! And her daughters were too young for the timeline as well. What’s up Hollywood and your fear of middle aged women? When oh when will you get over it and give us a movie that makes sense? Meryl Streep did a valiant job of trying to save it, but overall, Hugh Dancy’s character was not straight and that was the best thing in the movie.

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