Review of Basic Instinct


Strangely, this movie was actually very much a real movie (unlike the sequel which has that not-a-real-movie feeling about it from top to toe). Unfortunately though, much as Michael Douglas’ weird voice is always a good time, it’s not enough to make this movie enjoyable. Everyone is just alarmingly naked, all the time. And many things that Sharon Stone does that are ‘so sneaky and such wild inscrutable behaviour’ very much just feel like regular things that a woman might do but men will be like “WHAT DOES IT MEAN???” “WHAT’S GOING ON???” because they don’t understand basic human interactions. All in all I think the parody remake of this (see our review of Basic Instinct 2) is better.


UPDATE: According to the article ’20 Things You Didn’t Know About Basic Instinct’ on, Michael Douglas’ character was originally a gay woman. If this movie had been gay rather than a movie about straight men and straight women who sometimes sleep with gay women just to show straight men how sexy they are, it would have had the narrative power behind it to beat Basic Instinct 2 out of the top spot as “Best Movie With The Words ‘Basic’ and ‘Instinct’ In The Title”.

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