Longer Review of Wonder Woman


I saw Wonder Woman for the third time today and I realised I need to say a lot more about it. In the first ten minutes we see women of colour, we see physically strong women and we see women with complex relationships and complex emotions. All we see is amazing women doing amazing things and it’s so ridiculous that I’ve never seen that many women on screen actually doing shit before. Diana herself is so good and so full of joy and justice and so fucking strong that she lights up the screen with confidence and hope. The supporting characters are also pretty diverse and are actually good friends who help each other to defeat the bad guys which is such a remarkable change from the testosterone-fuelled in-fighting and go-it-alone nonsense of so many superhero movies. And you know what else, Wonder Woman doesn’t fuck around with not killing people because Liam Neeson told her not to, and she doesn’t fuck around with worrying if she’s really a hero, she just goes in there and gets the job done. It gets really corny for a bit at the end there but in the classic superhero movie way that has been denied to everyone other than white men for so long that it’s kind of good that it’s so corny, and it actually has a good message to be corny about which is also refreshing. It’s a revelation of a movie and it’s about damn time. When Diana climbs a wall by just punching hand-holds into it I’m like fuck yes we deserve this, when she picks up a tank and then tosses it aside like it’s nothing I’m like fuck yes we deserve this, and when she’s marching through No Man’s Land, smacking bullets out of the air because some people on the other side need her help I die of happiness because my god she’s amazing and my god do we deserve this movie.

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