Review of Beyond The Gates/ Shooting Dogs (2005)

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 20.26.42

Well I watched this very upsetting movie about the Rwandan genocide because it had a handsome boy in it. So I feel weird about that. And I feel terrible because soooooo many people died. Soooooo many people died and UN could have done something about it but they didn’t. Probably don’t watch this unless you really want to feel bad about terrible events that are in the past and you can do nothing about. Or maybe if there’s someone you know who doesn’t care enough about things you could make them watch it in order to upset them. Or if there’s someone in New Zealand that you want to confuse, ask them to find you a DVD of it by telling them it’s called Beyond The Gates because this movie has two legitimate titles but there are no DVDs of this movie for sale in New Zealand which use the title Beyond The Gates. Don’t watch it though!

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